•    TOdesign by Alessandro Suzzi & C. - THE WORLD IS A PLACE TO BE DRAWN. TODESIGN is a new and dynamic Italian company specialized in WALL DESIGN, that is the custom decorative design of interior and exterior surfaces. Our strength is a unique and original graphic design which, applied to a wide range of surfaces, can offer solutions and specific products for all types of places. Our goal is to satisfy all our customers, by offering affordable products for all types of budgets. Thanks to its creative office, made up of highly qualified architects and designers, TODESIGN takes the customer from the project design to its implementation. We are waiting for you to make the space your own.

offers a custom graphic design service which can be applied to a wide range of surfaces. Our services are addressed to interior architects, designers and companies specialized in the furnishing of shops, public agencies, as well as private individuals who want to make their home a unique and exclusive place. Through the expertise of our creative office, we identify the customer's needs, so as to turn a simple suggestion or a dream into an elaborate decorative design project, conceived according to the customer’s wishes and to the place’s features. OUR COATINGS.


    •    The PAINTING WALL DECORATION is used to create works of high craftsmanship, through traditional pigments on plastered walls. Handmade, through an excellent colour and shape composition, PAINTING WALL DECORATION is a high-end product for decorating the walls. Thanks to its original design and given the cost and time of implementation, it has more the features of a work of art that the simplicity of ornamental decoration. Attention to detail and the endless creative possibilities, given by the PAINTING WALL DECORATION, allow you to match tradition with innovation, for those who want to enrich and customize their place.